Harnessing the Power of Connected Operations
Modirum Security Technologies is a global leader in Tactical Command and Control Solutions.

We specialize in delivering mission-proven software solutions to empower operations worldwide. With our expertise and dedication, we enable our customers to achieve operational excellence and maximize their potential.
Expanding the boundaries of situational awareness
Modirum Security Technologies empowers organizations with real-time insights and comprehensive intelligence for enhanced decision-making and superior operational effectiveness.
Modirum for
Critical missions
Our mission-proven solution delivers reliable results in real-world operations. Trusted by organizations worldwide, our software is proven to meet critical needs and empower efficient decision-making. From military missions to emergency response, our solution is trusted for its effectiveness and track record of success.
Modirum for
Our real-time AI analytics solution delivers actionable insights for informed decision-making. Trusted globally, our software harnesses AI to provide dynamic analysis of data, enabling organizations to make faster, more informed decisions. From security operations to emergency response, our solution delivers reliable AI analytics for diverse needs.
Modirum for
Video Streaming
Experience real-time video streaming with our fastest-in-market video engine. Stream from any camera source, including body-worn cameras, drones, dashboard cams, and mobile phones, ensuring seamless, high-quality video delivery.analytics for diverse needs.
Modirum Security Technologies is at the forefront of Command and Control (C2) solutions, specializing in the aggregation of data from endpoint devices. We harness advanced real-time AI to analyze and synthesize data streams, ensuring secure delivery of pertinent information and intelligence to integrated C4ISR and Battle Management Systems, even under the most challenging network conditions. Our track record of collaborating with premier hardware manufacturers and cutting-edge C4ISR systems has established us as a trusted partner for government and private entities worldwide, enabling them to operate with unmatched efficiency and reliability.
Our products
Our Security Technologies improve the efficiency of mission-critical operations by streaming and storing live video from drones, phones, cars and other sources to command-and-control room to mobile devices on the field.
Command and Control (C2): NSC3™
A state-of-the-art tactical Command and Control (C2) system that revolutionizes operational efficiency and situational awareness
Instant AI: ValoR™
ValoR™ revolutionizes real-time video monitoring and analysis.
Crowd Streaming: LiveLink™
LiveLink™ revolutionizes real-time collaboration and information sharing during tactical operations.
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