Modirum is a multinational company specializing in providing technology solutions to customers in various industries and segments, including global Fintech, Security, and Government. Modirum was originally founded in 1997 and as current company established in 2003. We are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.
We are a world leader in selected technologies and services. Through our 3-D Secure Technology we authenticate more than 1 billion transactions annually
Modirum offers a complete spectrum of 3-D Secure solutions for Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, PSPs and Merchants to authenticate, secure and process Card not Present payments.

Modirum History

Modirum was founded in Helsinki in 1998. Initially started as consulting company in financial services, Modirum quickly found 3-D Secure, a new protocol at the time. 3-D Secure became Modirum’s core business in early 2000’s. Ever since then, we have remained focused in 3-D Secure, to which all our products and services are related.

Modirum has grown steadily and profitably throughout its existence.

Modirum Today

In 2023, Modirum is the leading expert and solution provider in the area of 3-D Secure. Our software products are widely used and our expertise has been used by most payment systems and biggest issuers. We are a global company with personnel in 17 countries.

Modirum Locations

3-D Secure protocol launched
Jari Hekkinen & Partners
establish a company
Implementation of 3-D
Secure products
VISA creates 3-D Secure
ACS service (Visa VCAS)
Consulting regarding 3-D Secure protocol
VISA transfers development
of the new version
of 3-D Secure to EMVCo
Modirum becomes a leading
vendor of 3-D Secure
2019 - TODAY
EMVCo consulting
New product development
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Meet our team
Meet the Executive Team
Founder, Chairman
Jari Heikkinen
Executive Chairman
Tero Silvola
Group CTO
Vesa Parkkinen
CCO, Security Technologies & Group Biz Dev
Elias Silvola
CMO, 3-D Secure & Group Marketing
Vlado Galevski
Director, People Operations
Margit Pruunlep
Group Legal
Veli Lahti
President, Security Technologies
Tomi Virtanen
President, 3-D Secure
Ben Dominguez
Managing Director, Web Factory
Stefan Traykovski
Managing Director, Cloudriven
Jukka Koskenkanto
Head of Sales, 3-D Secure
Christa Helemäe
COO, Security Technologies
Jukka Raivio
CTO, Security Technologies
Juho Blankenstein
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