A video and data management system for effective defence operations and challenging conditions.
“See behind the next hill”, scout areas from air

Surprise contact with the enemy needs to be avoided whenever possible.

Locate and mark targets for artillery

Modern warfare is mobile, targets change location frequently. Time to locate and affect targets is short.

Protect bases, airports, and storage facilities

Effective defence of the base requires knowledge of activities close to the base.

Situational awareness for team leader

Military team leaders need to have all the available information to make effective and safe decisions.

Naval use case

Naval vessels operate in areas with poor or no network coverage. Visual view from small vessels and flying units would improve decision-making.

“Bring your own device”

Most people have their own smart devices capable to take or view videos and they tend to be up to date. NSC3 platform the use of these devices safely with secure networks.

Monitor live fire exercises effectively

Live ammunition firing requires strict supervision in training, but the supervisor can only look after one unit at a time.

Map updated based on drone and satellite imagery

Update map with the latest drone and satellite images in real-time. Images are geolocated and map terrain is replaced with the new images.

A visual view of the action for high command

Units on the field have locally available video feeds, but that data is not easily available on higher command.

Tank commander 360˚ view for operational safety and secure dismounting

NSC3 with real-time visual connection from multiple angles enables driver and commander to look in 360 view simultaneously in one view.

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