Fintech Consultancy
Modirum has been part of payment security protocols development since they were first introduced.

Drawing from our decades long experience, cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, we can provide fintech consultancy that will empower your business for success!

Numerous consulting projects

Modirum team has been involved with 3-D Secure from the very beginning, contributing in writing the specifications, advancing the protocols, conducting proof-of-concept projects and delivering supplementary services around the 3-D Secure framework.

We can help your Payment System in defining requirements and enhancing security capabilities. Leveraging our market insights and decades-long experience, we can help you in constructing a protocol that precisely aligns with your business needs.

20+ years of fintech experience

Our consultants have in-depth experience, participating in development of many authentication methods and national identity services in various technical and business roles. Their diverse experience results with a deep understanding of the payment landscape, empowering us to tailor comprehensive solutions that ensure robust security and seamless user experience for our clients.

Trusted partner for your digital transformation

We offer our market insights, knowledge and experience in financial technology, to help you shape the solutions that best support your business needs, ensuring seamless, efficient, secure and personalized digital experience.

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