Media broadcasting and management solution
An easy-to-use video-based service to assist You in an efficient workflow and communication.


Key benefits

Visual communication regardless of network quality

In remote connections there are network limitations due to remote areas, thick walls and steel constructions.

Every frame is saved

Due to breaking video connection, network challenges and solutions which do not store anything, it is challenging to get an easy-to-use documentation and proper audit trail to the work done.

Enriching field maintenance with true duplex video

There are modern field maintenance ERP’s. But quite often they are lacking the video component.

Easy introduction of AI to operations

There are AI solutions but taking them into use is arduous. Typically they are point-to-point solutions (one camera to one computer).

Incident reporting in maintenance

It is often hard to describe an incident on a phone or in written maintenance calls.

Progress reporting in construction

Many work phases are covered under next layer. Therefore there may be no way of checking work quality afterwards.


Inspecting infrastructure and special machinery requires expertise which is not always available. It is hard and costly to get experts on site.

Situational awareness

In special cases visual information from site or incident would be very valuable. Managers may need visual information also to remote locations out of office.

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