Law Enforcement
Live intelligence gathering via the NSC3 at the scene creates a comprehensive view of the unfolding incident.

Key benefits

Drones in monitoring crowd movements

Effective defence of the base requires knowledge of activities close to the base.

Bodycam footage from police officers

A real-time feed from bodycams on the police officers enables commanders to assess the situation in real-time.

An ordinary citizen can send live video for the control room

A caller can start sending video material from mobile phone from the site before any authorities have arrived to the site.

The operations room can see what is going on in the field

The operations room can effectively command operations when they have a visual view of situations.

Mobile on the field commander

Some NSC3 customers do not operate control rooms. Senior officials on the field take command of the situation in their vehicles.

Joint operations

Accidents and large incidents require response from multiple authorities, for example fire department, police and EMS services.

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