Fire department
From the moment that the fire is detected till the last embers are out NSC3™ can be the eyes and ears of your organization when seconds count. 
Structural fire

Structural Fire Fighting contains a complex combination of ingredients. Above all, it creates a difficult set of decision-making in a short time. 

Forest or Wildfire

NSC3 can broadcast thermal view from the drone. This enables firefighters to see through the smoke and detect hot spots on the ground.

Monitoring flights to detect wildfires

NSC3 has been a very cost-effective way to get a visual view from the flights and has reduced issues in locating the source exactly on the map.

Missing person

Searching for a missing person in the wilderness is challenging for many reasons. NSC3 situational awareness system can assist search missions in multiple ways. 

Accident response

In an accident, the responding ambulances and police can provide live data to hospitals and other participating units.

Joint operations

Accidents and large incidents require response from multiple authorities, for example fire department, police and EMS services.

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