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We develop end-to-end software solutions that make you stand out in today’s complex digital landscape!
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offering a range of solutions from cloud services, digital transformation, and process optimization to system integration

Modirum Professional Services specializes in providing customized software consulting and outsourcing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our expertise spans across areas such as cloud services, digital transformation, process optimization, and system integration.

By combining our technical knowledge with a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements, we empower our clients to achieve greater operational efficiency, adapt to evolving market demands, and unlock new growth opportunities.

At Modirum Professional Services, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and agile solutions
that drive success for our customers in today’s competitive business landscape.

We have extensive experience in the following domains:

  • Banking Industry solutions
  • Defense and Aerospace industry
Banking Industry Solutions

Modirum Professional Services specializes in tailored software consulting and outsourcing for the banking industry.

By understanding banks’ unique challenges, we provide flexible outsourcing solutions that help our clients scale operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain compliance.

Our highly skilled software development talent empowers banks to stay competitive in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Defence & Aerospace Industry

Modirum Professional Services offers customized software consulting and outsourcing services for the defense and aerospace industries. Our expert software development talent helps clients tackle complex challenges, streamline operations, and maintain compliance with industry-specific regulations.

By understanding the unique requirements of defense and aerospace, Modirum Professional Services delivers innovative solutions that empower clients to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in these critical sectors.

DX - Digital Transformation

Embark on a digital transformation by overhauling your core business strategy, creating comprehensive software solutions, and embracing forward-thinking approaches. Entrust us to facilitate your business’s journey toward digital evolution, ensuring seamless integration and impactful change.

Software solutions development

We shoulder the digital product intricacies in a dynamic software and web app development landscape spanning diverse industries. Rely on us to manage the technical facets while you concentrate on propelling your business forward. Our expertise ensures that your digital products align with industry trends, allowing you to foster your business’s growth and success

AI - Artificial intelligence & ML - Machine learning

Harness the power of our technological prowess, methodological finesse, and expert skillset. By doing so, we can expedite the seamless integration of AI into your business processes, ensuring a swift and efficient transformation. Let our capabilities empower your business to swiftly embrace AI, enhancing your operations and paving the way for a more efficient future.

UX/UI Engineering

In the world of first impressions, you have only one shot to captivate. We specialize in crafting intricate solutions with seamless User Experiences and outstanding Interfaces. Our formula blends technology and design, ensuring your brand’s immediate and unforgettable impact. Trust us to shape your introduction, setting the stage for a lasting connection

Modirum Competencies
Microsoft Technologies
We have expertise in Microsoft technologies, including:
Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform.

The company has a deep understanding of these technologies and can help businesses leverage them to achieve their goals.

We have strong competencies in data analytics and business intelligence. We help businesses collect and analyze data from various sources, providing insights that can inform decision-making and drive business growth.

We have extensive experience in project management and agile methodologies. The company’s team of experts can help businesses plan and execute complex projects with a focus on delivering results on time and within budget, contributing to your business’s digital transformation.

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We will gladly consult on required Microsoft platforms and solutions we can deliver.
Platforms, programming languages and technologies
  • javascript
  • noSQL
  • Java
  • ITS
  • python
  • Django
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MsSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML
  • MongoDB
  • Riak
  • Lucene
  • Solr
  • maven
  • gradle
  • C/C++
  • PL/SQL
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Docker
  • Git
  • ant
  • Make
  • T-SQL
  • JPA
  • Morphia
  • elastic
  • Ansible
  • Vaadin
  • logstash
  • gulp
  • webpack
  • Angular
  • grunt
  • tornado
  • flask
  • Swift
  • iOs
  • Android
  • Springboot
  • Flutter
  • aws
  • CSS
  • OAuth
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku
Modirum team of Experts
We created a team of programmers and designers
who are experts in the field of IT software

We are passionate about Technology and Programming and we aim to constantly develop in this field. We are working hard on the quality of the code and focusing on security to ensure that our solutions are solid and safe.

Our priority is the reliability of the application for the client. We do not succumb to stereotypes; instead, we use frameworks in moderation and where appropriate, thanks to our accurate understanding and scanning of the code.

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