Modirum forges international alliance with Radiocoms

Modirum Group and Radiocoms Systems Ltd to widen UK offer to include secure video broadcasting and management for emergency services and other key sectors.

Modirum Group and Radiocoms Systems Limited (Radiocoms) are proud to announce an expanded collaboration aimed at enhancing critical communications services in the UK. Building on Radiocoms´ voice and data services, and Modirum’s tactical command and control expertise, we are pioneering secure data-streaming technologies, redefining communication benchmarks for key sectors and ensuring seamless and secure operations at all times.

Our joint offering will debut at the UK Emergency Services Show, taking place at NEC Birmingham from September 19 to 20, 2023.

A collaboration that will revolutionize communication services

Mark Blythe, Managing Director of Radiocoms, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership saying: “Many of Radiocoms’ customers already have Android or IOS devices which are being utilised for Radiocoms voice and data services. The addition of real time video streaming is a natural addition to the portfolio which allows Radiocoms´ customers to add services to its existing equipment without any additional capital expenditure. Radiocoms´ project engineers and sales staff have been provided training on the new application and expects to see its first customers on the platform in Quarter 1 2024.We maintain a range of services which includes digital voice and data, press to talk over cellular and body worn data, video. The Modirum video streaming technology enables Radiocoms to offer its mission critical customers real time video streaming utilising the same device that the company is providing for voice, data and video streaming services.”

Tomi Virtanen, CEO of Modirum Securities Technologies, emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration: “We have long regarded the UK market as of high interest, and in Radiocoms we have found the ideal partner and platform with which jointly to market an enhanced offering to the UK emergency services, defence and related markets.  We bring established tier one credibility with NATO forces, and other environments where security and speed are of the essence of delivery.  We each have long-established cultures of excellence and client-focus.”

About Radiocoms 

Radiocoms, a mature communications company with over 50 years of experience, is the UK’s leading independent communications supplier, specializing in wireless voice, video and data networks. Radiocoms’ vendor independence allows them to tailor solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements and deliver the most cost-effective and collaborative solutions based on customer needs. Supported by field engineers and sales professionals across the UK, and offices in London, Heathrow, Manchester and Swansea, Radiocoms is one of the few UK communications companies that is able to provide a truly national service.

About Modirum Group

Modirum is a multinational company specializing in technology solutions for global Fintech, Security, and Government sectors.  Founded in 1997 and established as the current company in 2003, Modirum is a world leader in 3-D Secure Technology solutions, safely authenticating more than 1 billion transactions annually.  As a part of Modirum Group, and with the support of Modirum’s operations and development centres worldwide, Modirum Security Technologies offer cutting-edge command and control software solutions for civilian and defence sectors, safeguarding sensitive data, enhancing communication security and ensuring the integrity of digital interactions.

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