C2 Tactical Network Solutions: Empowering Ukraine’s Defence and Reconstruction with our Advanced Technology

Tomi Virtanen, President, Modirum Security Technologies, C2 Tactical network solutions

by Tomi Virtanen, President, Modirum Security Technologies


Standing with Ukraine During Tough Times

The war between Russia and Ukraine started eighteen months ago. We at Modirum Security Technologies have been supporting Ukraine with our high-tech C2 Tactical network solutions since the start of the war. I was honoured to visit the country this month and wanted to share few impressions. Ukraine is and will be part of Europe and will have a future with the peers in the European Union.

Addressing Dual Challenges at Kyiv International Economic Forum 2023

The Kyiv International Economic Forum 2023, hosted at the Hotel Intercontinental in Kyiv on October 12th, brought industry leaders and Ukrainian authorities together to discuss the challenges Ukraine is facing in the near and long-term future. Ukraine is dealing with two major challenges: a war at the eastern border and the need to rebuild the country to meet global standards. Despite a 30% decline in the economy last year and the departure of over six million people, the spirit and resilience of the Ukrainian people remain an inspiration.

Revolutionizing Defence and Connectivity Solutions

The need for support in Ukraine spans both warfare and civil construction. At Modirum Security Technologies, we understand the support needed should happen together, not one after the other. Immediate help is crucial, and we are ready to provide it!

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, our mission critical software plays a pivotal role in both defence and civilian operations. We have seamlessly integrated cutting-edge hardware with the latest drone capabilities, unlocking a multitude of innovative and effective applications. This advancement can be likened to the transformative power of introducing a MANET (Mobile ad hoc network) to the scene or establishing synergies between multiple drones.

Pioneering Technological Advancements for Strategic Edge

At Modirum Security Technologies, we use software-based simulations to gain a comprehensive understanding of our systems. This allows us to proactively identify strengths and vulnerabilities well in advance. Even in the face of an imminent conflict, our systems allow us to simulate the entire conflict zone. This is giving us a strategic advantage, being able to plan optimal drone launch site placements and formulating the most effective operational scenarios.

Ensuring real-time, reliable data and seamless connectivity in the battlefield, irrespective of network quality and communication devices, is crucial! The unique technology of our C2 Tactical network solutions provides superior connectivity and turning data into information even in the most challenging conditions. When a second is a lifetime.

Final words

The unwavering commitment of the Ukrainian people, officials, and businesses, combined with the steadfast support of the international community, lays a promising foundation for collaborative efforts in Ukraine’s recovery. This visit, along with the insightful discussions at the Kyiv International Economic Forum 2023, fosters a deeper understanding of the country’s situation and paves the way for future collaborations aimed at the country’s renewal.

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