Modirum ACS
Modirum Access Control Server (ACS) is the complete 3-D Secure solution for card Issuers and Issuing processors.

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Rich functionality, fully compliant

Our ACS has been in production since 2002. Over the years our ACS has been developed to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs.

Modirum ACS has existing integrations to multiple authentication methods and risk engines. Our ACS Admin console has a set of full control features, and ready-made reporting options.

Modirum ACS is suitable for Issuing processors

Modirum ACS is designed to serve multiple issuers. Issuers and card ranges can be configured for optimum cardholder experience. Authentication methods, authentication dialogues, language versions, risk rules amongst others, can be configured on a card range level for each Issuer.

Modirum ACS Admin console has strong access control to limit or enable visibility per Issuer and functionality. When needed, processor’s Issuer customer can independently configure their 3-D Secure service.

Modirum ACS in a nutshell
Complete admin console
Modirum ACS comes with a complete web-based management console.

With ACS Admin, Issuers and Processors can manage most of ACS functionality and behavior:
  • Configure card ranges, issuers
  • Authentication methods, keys, certificates
  • Authentication dialogue pages
  • Language versions

    User access can be fully configured (read/write) on functionality and issuer level.
  • Built-in integrations
    Modirum ACS is integrated to various Risk Scoring services, and custom versions. Risk scores can easily be configured on the ACS Admin per card range.

    Modirum ACS comes with ready-made integrations to most existing authentication methods
  • SMS-OTP and SMS-OTP with Password
  • National authentication methods, such as MitID, Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, Finnish Trust Network
  • Behavioural Biometrics, such as Mastercard NuDetect
  • Authentication applications supporting biometric authentication, such as ModirumID
  • Hosted or in-premise
    Modirum ACS is available in different licensing options. Most of our clients choose to use the Modirum hosted solution. This gives faster onboarding and provides all our ready-made integrations.

    In-premise option is available for the customers, who choose to operate the ACS themselves.

    Attempts functionality for payment systems

    Modirum ACS can be configured to work as Attempts ACS for payment systems. For whatever reason, issuer’s ACS may be unavailable and a payment system may want to offer Attempts processing on issuer’s behalf.

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