About MitID and Modirum MitID Broker
MitID is a new Danish electronic ID (eID), replacing Denmark's NemID. MitID helps to authenticate one's identity on the web similar to the legacy NemID but with a better and safer digital experience.

Transition from NemID to MitID?

NemID was widely used in most of Denmark and identified as an essential component of Denmark’s digital infrastructure. MitID is replacing  NemID to bring in a better and safer digital experience.

Through a MitID broker, Service Providers can connect to MitID solutions and parallelly, offer log-in using MitID for their end-users.

To know more refer: www.mitid.dk

MitID assurance level

The assurance levels emphasise the need to authenticate your identity with great certainty. Most MitID users need the assurance level “substantial” for public self-service solutions.

Example: online banking or insurance

To know more refer: www.mitid.dk

Modirum supports the following option:

MitID integration with EMV 3-D Secure

The MitID and EMV 3-D Secure integration enable the provision of MitID authentication in a 3-D Secure flow.

From a cardholder viewpoint,

MitID Authentication for Visa or Mastercard transaction

Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check cardholders can see the MitID authentication option during their online purchase, upon checkout. For the MitID authentication in Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check flow, cardholders can select the MItID option for authentication. Next, MitID prompt guides cardholders to authenticate the transaction using the MitID app on their smartphone.


Modirum as a MitID Broker

Modirum’s reliability is based on proven experience in the personal eID and digital authentication field.

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