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General Queries

What is MitID?

MitID is a new Danish electronic ID (eID), replacing Denmark’s NemID. MitID helps to authenticate one’s identity on the web similar to the legacy NemID but with a better and safer digital experience.

Note: It is a collaboration between the Danish banks and the Danish public sector.

Who can avail MitID?

Anyone with NemID can get a MitID. And, if one is studying in Denmark or has a residence permit can avail a MitID.

Eligibility criteria:

– You are 13 years old or older

– You have valid identification

For Modirum Issuers

Why move from NemID to MitID?

MitID is a pure authentication solution and replacing  NemID to bring in a better and safer digital experience. Since a direct integration with MitID is not an option, service providers are obliged to choose a MitID broker.

How can a service provider sign up for MitID Solutions?

As a direct integration with MitID is not an option, through a MitID broker, the Service Providers can connect to MitID solutions and parallelly, offer log-in using MitID for their end-users.

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Why Modirum MitID broker is the ideal choice for Service Providers?

Modirum is the most reliable with its proven experience in the personal eID and digital authentication field.

Does enabling the new MitID solutions to affect our end-users services?

Modirum MitID broker with its expertise in the legacy NemID integration ensures to enable MitID solution without affecting the end-users.


What does MitID assurance level mean?

The assurance levels emphasise the need to authenticate your identity with great certainty. Most MitID users need the assurance level “substantial” for public self-service solutions.

Example: Online banking or insurance

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What MitID authentication tool and assurance level do we support?

Modirum supports the following option:

What can Modirum offer the service providers in addition to MitID integration?

Modirum’s MitID integration with EMV 3-D Secure transaction is a unique value proposition.

Apparently, only Modirum MitID broker is offering integration models that are compliant with EMV 3DS App-based transactions.


What does it mean by MitID integration with EMV 3-D Secure?

The integration enables to provision MitID authentication in a 3-D Secure flow.

From a cardholder viewpoint,

For MitID Users

How does the MiID authentication work for Visa or Mastercard transactions?

Upon checkout, cardholders can select the MitID option for authentication. Next, MitID prompts cardholders to authenticate the transaction using MitID app on their smartphone.

How to download MitID app the right way?

You can download the MitID app to your phone or tablet from App Store or Google Play Store.

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