Modirum for Issuers and
Issuing Processors
Modirum has a long history of working with issuers. Our issuing products have been developed to meet the highest standards from our clients and compliance from payment systems and authorities.

Products for issuers and issuing processors

Modirum ACS is one of the longest serving 3-D Secure products in the market. It is trusted by global payment systems and a wide range of Issuers and Issuer Processors.

Quick integrations to many authentication methods, along with easy enrolment and a complete management console make it an ideal choice for the most demanding issuers of any size.


ModirumID is a PSD2 compliant 2FA authentication application for Issuers. Quick integration to Modirum ACS makes it an easy option for our existing clients.

ModirumID is available for iOS and Android with different branding and integration options.


MitID is a new Danish national authentication method.
Modirum will be a certified MitID Broker in September 2022. Modirum’s MitID integration supports 3-D Secure transactions in App-based and Browser-based flows.

VISIT Modirum MitID Broker PAGE

Modirum team works actively with our customers

Long-term relationships

Modirum has a direct relationship with all of its clients. Our developers, specialists, support team and hosting technicians regularly participate in client projects. Many of us have known our clients for many years and this builds a level of trust and confidence in the company and its products.

Our key personnel are all very experienced having spent multiple years with Modirum, with some having been there from the start of the company in 2000. Modirum is fully owned by its management and employees.

Proven track record

Modirum has been an active player in the 3-D Secure field since 2000. Our products and services are used by major issuers and payment systems around the world. We have many loyal clients who have been users of Modirum products and services for many years.

Modirum developers and consultants work diligently with our clients on their development needs. Over the years, we have seen clients expand their businesses whilst complying with all the needed requirements and mandates. We are happy to work with you as well!

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