You identify, we authenticate
Modirum is a global leader in 3-D Secure technologies and
services. We offer certified software for all three domains.
Modirum's ACS, DS, MPI/3DSS and SDK are
certified by EMVCo and all major brands
We are the first vendor to operate in all three domains with four products
Modirum for
Issuers and
Issuing Processors
Modirum ACS has been in production for over 20 years. Easy and ready-made integrations to risk engines and numerous authentication method options make Modirum ACS a viable and ideal option for any Issuer or Processor.

Read more about how Modirum can help Issuers and Issuer Processors.
Modirum for
Modirum's EMV 3DS compliant Directory Server is used by global and national payment systems to enable EMV 3-D Secure in their markets.

Read more about how Modirum DS can bring EMV 3-D Secure to your Issuers and Acquirers!

Modirum for
PSPs, Acquirers
and Merchants
Modirum's MPI/3DSS is available for PSPs, Acquirers and Merchants either as a hosted service or as software for on-premise setup.

Modirum 3DS SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms with easy integration to a Modirum MPI. It is used by merchants, PSPs and payment systems.

Modirum has a long history in working with all domains of 3-D Secure.
Our products serve globally in numerous payment systems, hundreds of Issuers, thousands of merchants and enable 3DS transactions for hundreds of millions of cardholders.
Services for every case
Modirum services help our customers to get the best out of 3-D Secure
Modirum has helped many Payment Systems with 3-D Secure protocol development during the past 20 years.

Currently Modirum is supporting EMVCo in developing the next version of 3-D Secure.
Modirum Hosting
Modirum Hosting centers in Norway and Estonia offer high-availability, and a secure, robust service to our hosted customers.

Support Services
Modirum offers 24/7 production support to our customers for all our products.

Read more about Modirum

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